For over 25 years Labeline International has been at the forefront of dangerous goods compliance, supplying publications, labels, documentation and software.


Worldwide, Labeline is probably the leading authorised distributor for the regulations covering the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR in Europe), sea (IMDG), air (IATA & ICAO) and rail (RID).  For the last 9 years the company has been IATA’s leading distributor of their Dangerous Goods Regulations.  Labeline also publishes the CDG Exemptions Guide and is the authorised distributor for UL Safeware Quasar’s Regulatory Handbooks: REACH Regulation, REACH Annex II (with full tables), CLP, Biocidal Products Regulation and Detergents Regulation.

Hazard and Handling Labels

If you are involved in the shipping of dangerous goods you need to have the reassurance that the labels and marks you use to show the hazards of the products that make up a shipment are correct and compliant.  Labeline has an extensive stock over 2 million labels, marks and placards ready for next day delivery.  Labeline’s labels comply with the latest regulations and they have the adhesion, abrasion resistance and colour retention properties to exceed the requirements of the IMDG Code.  


Labeline stocks a range of UN approved boxes.  For sizes, availability and prices please contact Labeline directly.  Bespoke solutions for all dangerous goods packaging requirements can also be sourced.


DGOffice simplifies the classification process and makes the calculations to enable users to quickly produce dangerous goods documentation that always complies with current regulations worldwide.  It is an on-line system and, as it is updated stealthily and in a timely manner, there is no need to download updates when the regulations change – it is all done automatically.  DGOffice can also be integrated into SAP and other enterprise systems.  Contact Labeline for a free two-week trial.


Labeline delivers CAA accredited training courses.  Our trainers are Geoff Leach, the former Head of the CAA’s Dangerous Goods Office and the current Chair of IATA’s Lithium Battery Workshops, and Ross McLachlan, formerly CAA’s Dangerous Goods Policy Specialist. They are, therefore, both ideally placed to not only train in the requirements but also to explain the thinking and decisions behind them. Labeline also provides a range of e-learning solutions for the DG industry.

Dangerous Goods Consultancy Services

DGSA service, ad-hoc consultancy and advice on all modes of transport around the world.

About HCB

HCB was established in 1980 to help those involved in the transport and storage of dangerous goods to keep up to date with changing regulations. HCB articles cover regulatory developments and to bring our readers news of products and services that aim to make their operations safer or more efficient.

​The magazine covers the transport of all kinds of dangerous goods, but particularly liquid chemicals, liquefied gases, explosives and radioactive materials. It covers transport by all modes: road, rail, maritime (bulk and packaged), inland waterway and air.

Its coverage is also global in scope, covering not only North America and Western Europe but also the Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

HCB has full-time writers based in the US and in Poland and a network of part-time contributors in Singapore, India, Brazil, Zambia and elsewhere.